The club TECHNOPOLIS also includes TECHNOPOLIS EDUCATION SA, which was established in 1994 and constitutes one of the leading educational institutions in N. Greece. It provides modern, competitive and qualitative training services to employees in enterprises, based on a holistic approach of education and human resources development sector.
TECHNOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT was established with the aim to provide integrated development, innovation, consultation and management services to the public, private and wider public sector.The strategic objective of TECHNOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT is the establishment of long-term stable cooperation relations with its clients, providing consultancy services on management and funding issues as well as on issues of financial and regional development issues for institutions and organizations of the private and public sector. The main subjects of TECHNOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT activities are the following:

  • Provision of consultation services and project management to institutions of the public and the wider public sector, of the local administration authorities and of the private sector.

  • Development and implementation of research studies and project management under national and European initiatives

  • Funding and investment plans

  • Provision of financial and technical advice

  • Provision of consultation services on issued of modern ICT applications

  • Provision of consultation services on issues of strategic marketing and communication and market research

  • Provision of human resources development services to the private, public and wider public sector

  • Management and implementation of development projects in SE Europe



The provision of high quality services by TECHNOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT is guaranteed by the highly manpower at its disposal as well as by the modern technological infrastructure of the company.